Construction Rebuilding

Custom Home Builders Santa Rosa, CA:

Looking for Custom Home Builders in Santa Rosa, CA? Since the devastating 2017 Northern California Wildfires burnt down over 7,500 structures and homes, many people have been frantically searching for rebuilding Santa Rosa Contractors that might be able to take on their project.

Most homeowners insurance policies only cover a homeowner to be placed in a rental home for up to 2 years max. As of writing this article, it's been almost a year since the fires happened, and very few homes have been rebuilt, or have even started with their rebuild. Leaving many homeowners with a massive sense of urgency to get started, but feeling very frustrated with not knowing where to start.

Construction Rebuilding

If you are a homeowner and lost your home in the fires, and are unsure where to begin with your rebuilding process, we are here to help. With over 72 years of home building construction in Santa Rosa, WineCountry Custom Homes can take the stress out of rebuilding. With a large team of local, Santa Rosa-based, in-house carpenters, we can break ground with little notice.

Contractors In Santa Rosa, CA:

Every home rebuilding project requires many local contractors andtrades to be completed in a timely and cost-efficient fashion. In our 72years of experience, we’ve worked with countless sub-trades and have hand-picked a list of efficient, professional, and reasonable electrical, plumbing, and various other specialty contractors, allowing us to keep all of our projects on time and on budget

While this might seem tempting for some homeowners, unless you have an extensive custom home building or rebuilding experience, it would be ill-advised to try this. We’ve been on countless jobs where we’ve had to tear the entire house down to framing just because one single trade wasn’t managed properly and their shoddy work comprised the structural integrity of the house.

We’ve spoken with many homeowners who have lamented about the countless lost hours searching for “Contractors in Santa Rosa, CA” or “local contractors near me”. Trying to coordinate and plan a list of qualified subcontractors to rebuild their custom home, only to come up empty-handed and discouraged.

Rebuilding Santa Rosa Contractors:

As a property owner whos rebuilding in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County, you’re allowed to act as your own General Contractor. By acting as your own Rebuilding Contractor, you would be the one to bring in your own sub-trades as well as manage your project. Some homeowners might want to try acting as their own Contractor in an attempt to keep project costs low.

When rebuilding, Santa Rosa Contractors need to be aware of the new and updated code that pertains to homes that were lost in the fires. They’re treated as a different project than a standard home build, with completely separate permit office and a team of inspectors.

Both of the owners here at WCCH have had to navigate the waters of rebuilding their own homes that were previously lossed in the fires last year andare best suited to help others navigate this difficult process as well.

There aren’t many qualified Custom Home Builders in Santa Rosa, CA, that offer a good warranty package when rebuilding a home, but at Wine Country Custom Homes we do. A lot of what makes a house function happens behind the walls.

And most the time, when there has been an error in either plumbing or electrical, you won’t see the damage or results of that error for a while down the road or until those effects start to be seen in the drywall, flooring, or other finish materials. This is why a warranty is huge. That is why WineCountry Custom Homes warranties all our work so that you can sleep easy

If you lost your home in the fires, and are still looking for a Custom Home Builder in Santa Rosa, Ca to start your project, then call us today.

Thanks, Wine Country Custom Homes

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