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Are you searching for “Residential Construction Companies Near Me”? Are you doing sobecause you lost your home in the 2017 Northern California Wildfires? If so you have likelyspent many nights googling “home construction companies near me” in an attempt to find someone to rebuild your home. As an owner of one of those Santa Rosa Construction Companies ,I know I have talked to many people in that situation, and I get one question morethan any other, "How much will it cost?" You know what? That's a good question, but it's also aterrible place to start with. Let me explain why.

residential construction companies near me

Residential Construction Companies Near me

When I talk to people their main concern is can they afford to re build,so they ask the obvious question, "how much will it cost?" Here's why that is a terrible place to start from. When you drive past a row of car lots have you ever stopped and wondered, "How much does that carcost?" Well that's easy to answer, you have a certain car in mind and it's already built. Theyhave it right there for you to examine and you can even negotiate to get the price down a bit. Sohow is a house different?

For one thing the car is already built. It's a known quantity. Another thing is you see exactly whatyou are getting with the car. Does the car have leather seats? Is it a convertible? What upgrades does it have? What brand is it? Do you trust the company that built it? These are questions you can easily answer about a car, but when you ask an owner of one of the many Santa Rosa construction companies to give you a price to build a house, especially a house without plans or scope of work, they are either going to give you a sky high answer, or maybe they will be honest with you and tell you, " I need to see a set of plans first."

home construction companies near me

There are a multitude of questions about the particular house you want to build that all need answers before someone from one of the local residential construction companies can give youa real price. Most of those answers come from a set of plans or "blueprints". And that's where most people are stuck. They don't have plans. So what are you asking a home construction companies to do? You are asking them to pull a number from thin air. They can't know all the variables about your house if there are no plans.

Maybe you think," I'll just give them a list of the standard upgrades, and that should get me an idea." Okay that's a start, but it still doesn't answer many other critical questions. Where is the house being built? Is the lot flat? How many square feet will the house be? What style of house do you want? Will there be restrictions from the City, or the Country of Sonoma? What kind of siding, windows, doors, flooring, counters, get the idea. The point is when you startwith the price you are starting at the wrong end of the equation.

Pick a set of plans, either from an architect, or go online and find some thing you like. Then decide what finishes you like. Then sort through local construction companies for one you cantrust. Ask for a bid based on your real asset of plans and you can get a real answer. Just remember the car analogy.

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